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  • PowerGamerX
    Oct 12, 10:46 AM
    Why'd you get a MacBook Pro 13" if you have the iPad. I would have gotten the 15" or an iMac/Mac Mini in that case...

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  • aardwolf
    Mar 25, 12:37 PM

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  • davidgrimm
    Mar 24, 10:55 PM
    I still think the wife will be pissed off. But I know that guy is one happy fellow. :)

    True! ;)

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  • uruseiranma
    Apr 17, 07:42 PM
    It's interesting that in a previous post, an Apple Store employee mentions the Best Buy ads having been set in place before the Japan Earthquake.

    The Target I stopped at on my way to my Flash Animation course last Tuesday had a note in the iPad case saying that stock was delayed due to the Earthquake as well.

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  • monsterinawc
    Aug 3, 10:18 PM
    theres probally not gonna be anything underneath the banner
    everything that reveals a new product is covered up with a black curtian
    you can even see them in the pic
    they're at the top left and middle right

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  • djellison
    Nov 3, 01:24 PM
    How is that ironic (Miss Morissette)? :confused:

    Because this forum, one that expends an epic number of posts lambasting Microsoft and anything it ever does, simply has to conceed that's it's doing a good job in this instance. Microsoft, making the Apple experience, better.

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  • citi
    Nov 2, 06:49 PM
    I'm pretty sure that Flash wouldn't even work on an iPhone. It uses 100% CPU on my MBP and video still lags!

    This is probably the reason that Apple doesn't even want to let Adobe make Flash, because they know they would fsck it up somehow.

    And, since iPhones overheat, CPU usage at 100% for any length of time could cause the battery to explode!

    Don't just blame Adobe...blame apple too. It's a code/OS issue. It's works perfectly on PCs.

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  • spicyapple
    Oct 15, 08:15 PM
    A little off topic but would = Ctrl-Alt-Delete on a Mac?
    Command+Option+ESC or holding down the Power button.

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  • thisisahughes
    Mar 28, 10:46 PM
    * Microsoft Windows 2008R2 SP1 is great.
    * Microsoft App-V and Med-V both works amazing.
    * Windows 7 isn't that bad either (though I HATE that glassy Windows look.)


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  • milatchi
    Apr 2, 02:40 PM
    Great, fantastic, and amazing news! The most advanced camera in the universe for the most advanced phone in the universe!
    No company innovates the way Apple does, no company!

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  • NathanMuir
    May 4, 11:08 PM
    A welcome feature. What about AT&T?

    The article seems to imply that perhaps ATT has already agreed, hence why Apple is negotiating with Verizon at this point.

    I'm not certain though as the article fails to mention ATTs role, if any, at all.

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  • babyj
    Sep 22, 03:00 PM
    How comes Walmart control so much of the US retail market, yet everyone here hates them and refuses to shop there? They might not be ethical, they might bully suppliers, they might put small stores out of business but they keep prices down and everyone wants to pay less for everything.

    Its similar with Tesco in the UK, they might not be as dominant as Walmart in the US but they aren't that far off it. The subject that normally comes up in the UK is the prices the supermarkets pay to farmers. Everyone says its shocking and that they are bullying the farmers, yet everyone is more than happy to pay less and less for farm produce.

    I don't see how what Walmart does or says about this really matters. They ain't going to stop selling dvds as they won't want to lose the profit, if it gets to the point where they're not making enough profit they will just drop them on the spot. More likely is that they will use it as a bargaining chip to get better prices on dvds so they can increase profits further.

    I can't see it being an issue in the UK, or the rest of the EU. The monopoly and competition rules of the EU are pretty strict and they don't give a damn how big the company is - Bill Gates will testify to this, I think Microsoft had been fined about $500million the last time I checked for breaking the rules on competition.

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  • Bonds79
    May 5, 09:44 AM
    well considering the CFO of verizon said the unlimited data plans were not a long term solution, yeah it's pretty feasible to think that they won't keep it around forever.

    yeah, but those droid updates are not 600mb - 1gb in size..

    That was BEFORE THE T-mobile + ATT merger was announced! WHEN VZW was the largest cell company.

    I have a feeling VZW will reverse it's stance and keep unlimited data longer than expected to stay competitive against T-mobile + ATT.
    Now with the merger coming , VZW will have to stay competitive, unlimited data makes them more attractive against the ATT + T-Mobile super company.

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  • guffman
    Aug 3, 04:28 PM
    on the banner, there is a laptop looking object to the right of the powermac where the screen is taller than the base
    it looks kinda suspicious to me

    it's called a macbook....:rolleyes:

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  • Compatiblepoker
    Jul 23, 12:58 AM
    I'm personally not a huge fan of ebooks in the first place but on an iPod....come on. Too much strain for me.

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  • AxisOfBeagles
    Mar 8, 12:16 PM
    and yet another from this weekend's visit to Loreto ...

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  • Rower_CPU
    Aug 31, 11:26 AM
    DRM discussion has been moved into a separate thread. Let's keep this on topic.

    Thanks :)

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  • hazza.jockel
    Sep 29, 11:33 PM
    4 or 5 Sniper shots will destroy a tank. 2 or 3 if you are precise and can hit either the driver compartment, or the exhaust vent. Just FYI.

    But also, you will only have to deal with that for a about another week. The October update to playlists and maps is coming next week, and the Tank is being swapped for a Wraith, along with a host of other fixes and tweaks that people have noticed in this first couple weeks of playing.

    Awesome, cheers.

    I don't play Halo multiplayer for a couple of reason. The main one being that i suck at it. But the other reason is the wait time to get into a game and then out of it to get into another. I dont have that problem with Modern Warefare 2 so I am just wondering if its me and my crappy connection or what?

    The only way to get better is to play.

    MW2 finds games a bit different to halo which is why it probably takes less time. For example in MW2 you can get put into games which have already started where as in Halo you can only play from the beginning of a match. And you can play with odd numbers unlike halo which needs even numbers.

    I find the match making times are quite variable. Sometimes it can take 5 minutes and sometimes 30 seconds.

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  • playaj82
    Aug 8, 11:48 AM
    I understand your point. I do, however, feel that Apple has more of the platform's long-term best interests at heart, versus the developers delay of a UI for 5 months.

    If we're to assume the "Top Secret to prevent photocopying" theory, then these next 5 months are more crucial to Apple's development than the platform developers. Come January, Apple might spill all the details of the (currently speculative) Finder, and developers have from then until release date to incorporate it. Sure, it's a delay of 5 months, but think big-picture. If Apple's secretiveness prevents Vista from incorporating Leopard UI traits, it's worth the wait to make Leopard appear further ahead.*

    *We all know this is a rumor site, but the above is purely speculation on my part.

    I guess I'm just not seeing the point in keeping stuff secret.

    I understand that Apple uses the photocopy thing as a joke, but in all reality, it isn't like Microsoft is stealing lines of code. The features that Apple has included are not necessarily original. They are just original as being "incorporated" in the OS.

    Big picture, they should have spilled it all. The reaction to Leopard has already been rather blah. And so what if Microsoft steals one or two "top secret" features.

    Time Machine - nothing new conceptually, just graphically improved
    Spaces - A blatant rip of "Virtue" for OS X
    Mail Improvements - I already have plugins that do most of that
    iChat - About 1000 people have already pointed out a been there, done that for iChat

    All of Apple's supposed "new" features are not as new as they seem.
    I like what they are doing with the stuff, but right now they need to save their *** and give away some "secret" features before people stop caring.

    Aug 24, 12:58 PM
    Can Sony do anything right these days?

    NO! I bet that if given the chance, they will screw-up Blu-ray.

    Jan 11, 02:18 PM
    I wonder if that aluminium beveled logo has something to do with the design of the long awaited new MacBook Pros?...'s already featuring on the iPhone...

    Nov 7, 12:05 AM
    There are many possibilities for the graphics of the Macbook. The GMA950 is at about the end of the road. Maybe we'll see Intel's X3000. If not, one of Nvidia's or ATi's integrated solutions would be nice.

    Oct 15, 09:46 PM
    Lost in all this is the fact that the iPod is 5 on the 23rd...

    Anyone else here even curious if there is a new iPod going to be released on the 5th birthday? I have read through 3 pages of posts and not found anyone offering this thought.

    So I will throw it in. :)

    New iPod Video (true video widescreen) on the 23rd!

    Aug 24, 04:21 PM
    I, too, have a number in the range affected but am getting turned down by the website. Interestingly, when I changed the last letter of the serial number I entered from "a" to "b," it was accepted! I am wondering whether in fact not all batteries in the range are being recalled and Apple is just doing a bad job of communicating (as someone on Macintouch suggested).